Hitting My Head Against A Wall!

“red pavement bricked wall” by Deepal Pallav Suthar on Unsplash

It makes me crazy,

To see some so lazy…

Trying to keep my head,

Feels like I’m turning to lead…

So sad to see one so selfish,

Other’s pain, they seem to relish…

So many high hopes,

Now I feel like such a dope…

So much promise and potential,

What ails them,

Is kept highly confidential…

Why, Oh why, can’t they see what we see?

Why is life so scary?

Can we still help their souls to nourish?

Only then, will we see them flourish?

Is is too late?

Or have they sealed their fate?

“grayscale photography of opened door” by Denny Müller on Unsplash