Faith. It is one self-sufficient and necessary word that causes things to life. If this is so, then what does belief stands for? In elementary explanations we would surround ourselves with illustrations that encompass analogies that are one and the same in nature. Belief is understood to be an early seed of faith. When this seed blossom itself to be a flower or a plant then one could possibly say that Faith is established. The Bible, in the New Testament, a letter of James, chapter two, James expounds this in an extended understanding by saying that every good faith is tested to be good or righteous only when it manifest itself to do so by good actions. So here, would this really limit the propensity of faith because actions ought to be good in order have a good faith or being a faithful or will it multiple the propensity of faith many fold by simply acknowledging what ought to be done to hold righteous faith?
Why do one need to have a faith? Can believe is not enough? Why belief has to grow up to be a faith? In order to explain this…. we as human beings have always been interdependent on each other by the law of nature. In all circumstances of chaos, history suggests, human beings often run for a saving grace of universe and this run is causal output of faith. Now, this saving grace of universe is one topic in itself and shall be dealt in another post.
Old Testament and New Testament of the Bible have illustrations ranging from Abraham to John of the revelation that suggest that every time these people were in any chaotic situation they would run to GOD for seeking help and GOD was diligent to respond each one of them personally. The Bible also refers to a seed of Abraham by faith because Abraham was considered to be a friend of GOD and therefore, this benefit was given to all those who came out of Abraham’s linage either directly or in the new testament by the faith in Abraham doctrine of One GOD.
In today’s age with an advancement in every sphere of human life, human beings in general are disposed to a danger of unlimited desire and hunger for an update. The issue in this is not that of desire and hunger is taking place, but a problem lies at the speed it is taking place. Speed is amoral as long as it belongs to natural phenomena like light and stars but human beings are engineered in a certain fashion and perhaps meditative speed. 
Now coming to the problem of speed of desire. These desire at the speed they are occurring, human beings need to have lot of faith for most, if not all, of their desires to get manifest. Really? Are we seriously to get all desires get manifested through faith? Of course not. Readers, beware that faith and personal desire go in tandem with each other but inversely. The lesser the desire for self-satisfaction leads to higher the faith you hold. This is important to clear because only then the study of faith becomes purposeful that infuses a practise that could lead to an increase in the inhabitants of faith.
A second myth with desire is that personal desire leads to universal desire for a better world. This is to say that unless an individual is not happy till then it cannot be expected of that individual to bestow happiness in the surrounding. Here, we have to understand that different individual vary in their emotional quotient and therefore they subject themselves to behaviours that are drastically opposite to good actions of personal faith. Even then, we in small groups gather with each other to share universal gift of GOD to behave with our neighbour like our self. In a situation like this, what makes us believe that being good to each other in a congregation and being individually centred outside the congregation with the rest of the world would discount us of being good in actions by faith.
Here, we should pause and reflect that only personal desire not always lead to universal desire but greatest of moments in history suggest it is always personal sacrifice through personal faith collectively leads us to universal desire. Again, we should notice that its only universal desire and personal faith that work in tandem with each other and that too unconditionally.
Why are we talking desire in the subject of Faith? We are doing it, because, James expects in his letter that the reader who hold good faith should also perform good actions and talking his point in case forward, I would like to say that good actions can only take place if we have clear intent and universal desire over our personal desire. Universal desire are to be understood to be one of parental in nature. It’s no harm to have parental like feeling for each and every person we interact at a young or old age because all creatures anyways have these qualities.
Most of us wants to do good and at the same time struggle to do well for others. It so because we lack the interpersonal reading of our own thoughts and intent. Whenever we wish to do as good to others we do it with an intent of help but better way is to do it with an intent of universal duty for a universal purpose and desire of the universe for you to act as a hand for comforting the needy in need not because of our personal desire to help the needy.
For the purpose of the illustrations, this causal relationship will be of some use for the readers.
Belief (Individual) — — — Faith — — — Good Intention (Universal) — — — Good Actions (towards others) — — — Good Actions (by the others for you and others) — — — Good Intention (Universal) — — — Faith (Strengthening of the first and same faith system — — — Belief (of a new person) — — — Cycle continues.
In brief, a belief of an individual becomes faith when the individual who holds belief start expressing it for larger number of people other than himself or immediate family. When our belief system of good starts outgrowing our lives, day and night, it takes a form of faith, and that faith commands human beings to continue that good work at risk of being tested whether you really hold that faith of Abraham or not by being his descendant in faith of One GOD.
Every reader should pay attention, this testing of faith while doing good to others would most be unmanageable when the holder of the faith is in deepest troublesome times but the moment you cross this phase, you have entered in the clan of Abraham by faith that later re-manifest in Jesus Christ and prolongs for causing good, since his resurrection, in the hearts of those who chose to believe in Jesus Christ.
One must strive to have good intent, belief and actions at the same time to cause universal good by a personal faith.