SECOND DEBATE is a comeback for both Hillary and Trump.

It was very interesting to note the way today’s debate ended as both the USA presidential candidates greeted each other once the debate finished.

Today’s debate rode high on emotions than the content. Though the content was equal enough in terms of election agendas of both the sides but the way they had addressed was exemplary and in some other sense over the top, may be not required.

Some part of speech were surely under the belt attack from both the sides which further unraveled it self more as taunts in the speech became fierce.

It was one of its debate where Trump did not look as cheerful as always and Hillary looked more confident then ever, but even then Trump appeared equally confident in his decisions and stance on his agenda points for the election and Hillary appeared far more prepared than the last debate.

US is a major power in the world stage and next presidential candidate would determine its role in the human development across the globe, including their domestic scene.

The take away from today’s debate is that it is one of the finest turning points in the coming elections in the US and none of the candidates can be undermined because both of them have been leaders with their specialized expertise.

Today’s debate would definitely lead to some more debate among the citizen choice and reason for choosing the next.

The people voting would be the actual decision makers.