Americans are still in the dark about government surveillance
Ron Wyden

You could look at this from the aspect of the recent discoveries that Obama has had Trump under surveillance through phone wiretapping since early in his campaign for President. In the long run, it did not harm Trump’s campaign to win the Presidency. This is simply because nothing was found to use against Trump; because it didn’t exist. We don’t know that Russia was the source for the information which wikileaks obtained and made public. Julian Assange stated that Russia was not the source. But Assange has not been free for years to publicly speak his mind, even though there are no charges against him. This is all due to Obama’s threats against him. But that is a separate (maybe) issue. The fact is the information which was made public by wikileaks was discovered because Hillary Clinton was using an illegal non secure server, allowing classified information to be found. Everything that wikileaks published was from the emails that Mrs. Clinton was supposed to have turned over to the U.S. Department of Justice, but did not. This alone should have made her ineligible to run for President. Comey came to make the public decision he made, because she is a Clinton. So far, the Clinton’s are untouchable. They are well protected. If Hillary Clinton lost her bid for President due to what was published by wikileaks; she has no one to blame but herself. But it is my opinion that this is not why she lost.

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