New Notebook Collection from Chicago Artist, Robin Liefeld

How Journaling Saved Me

One day, I had a particularly awesome day. I started wondering…

Robin Liefeld
Dec 7, 2018 · 2 min read

“Why was this day so great? What did I do to make it that way?”

In an effort to figure it out, I wrote everything down that happened that day:

  • woke up early (without hitting snooze)
  • drank water
  • drank strong coffee
  • ate healthy food
  • made a list of my must dos
  • brainstormed new projects
  • didn’t turn on the TV, open Netflix, or browse YouTube videos
  • focused on one thing instead of trying to multi-task

What I discovered, is that there are certain things I can do everyday to set my self up for success. Writing everything down helped.

Journaling is a great way record events, milestones, thoughts, dreams

I make notes of new project ideas, books to read, or podcasts to listen to. I like to write down my dreams, goals and prayers.

But I also write down other stuff:

  • Highlights from a trip
  • Memories of each child we foster parented
  • Quilts I made — who I gave them to and the occasion
  • The year in review
  • Holiday meal planning, shopping, gifts, and guests
  • Food log to rule out a dairy or gluten allergy
  • Quotes that make me swoon and inspire me

Then, after a particularly difficult season in my life, I discovered art. I painted and journaled my way through it. I wrote a book about that time which includes the paintings and journal prompts I used to emerge from the darkness.

Journaling was a lifesaver.

How journaling helps me

  • Stress relief — reminds me to enjoy the journey
  • Personal growth — write down my goals and stick to them
  • Helps work through my past— to honor the past and remember how far I’ve come
  • Problem solving — it helps to reveal the answers already inside of me

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New Notebook Collection by Chicago Artist, Robin Liefeld
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