It is my native state to have my face thrown to the sky hair swaying across my back, dancing wildly in the dark of the night. My meditation cushion with my hands wrapped in prayer beads, enveloped in silence and the soft glow of candlelight is also my womb. I juice and toast champagne. I burn palo santo and bridges. I am a spiritual being embracing my human experience. I am a hedonistic animal with a strict devotional practice. Sometimes I am entrenched in my simplicity. Sometimes I lack grace. Sometimes my ego grabs me by the throat and leads me astray. Sometimes I am a healer. Sometimes I adjust a body into a pose that opens them in ways they’ve been seeking for years. Sometimes I guide someone into meditation that awakens a bliss they’ve rarely touched before. Still, I do not deny my dark. I stand as comfortably in the mean streets of my shadowy mind as I do the radiance between my brow. Perhaps in my next lifetime I will be a monk or a nun with discipline that runs deeper than a ravine. Perhaps in my next life I’ll eat vegan, pass on the finest of wines and not succumb to the pleasures of flesh. But this is not my lot this round. This time I seek. This time I adventure. This time I dance, sing, chant, laugh, pray, bend, break, mold, shrink and expand. I embrace, wholly, my humanity. I live boldly but with respect for my mortal fragility. I hope and pray you embrace your duality, divinity and humanity, with great tenderness.