WeKanCode Startup Program

The objective of WeKanCode’s Startup Program is to enable startups to navigate today’s challenging technology and business environment. WeKanCode aims to provide a structure that helps the entrepreneur bring their idea and product to life, while driving innovation in a rapidly changing technology space. We offer technology development at an affordable cost to our startups, for a minority interest in their company.

Due to the high costs of technology, a big number of innovative ideas with great potential for success do not come to fruition. Even more, the rise in the number of digital businesses being created every year has lead to an increasingly competitive environment for new entrants, leaving room to a fewer number of successful ventures.

By providing a low cost of access to technology and offering businesses the necessary advisory and support, WeKanCode helps early-stage startups go to market in a reliable and cost-effective way. Our involvement starts from the product development stage and extends to helping the team define an optimal execution and go-to-market strategy.

“Our vision is to create innovative technology solutions for real life business problems, unlocking access to high-quality and affordable technology, by partnering with promising early-stage ventures.” Sathya Nellore Sampat Co-founder of WeKanCode

Additionally, we leverage a number of established relationships with individual and institutional investors, in order to help our partners scale up their businesses in a fast and efficient manner. From business introductions to fundraising, our focus is to open as many doors as possible to our startups, by working together and aligning our interests. WeKanCode is your technology and accelerator partner.

WeKanCode Team