3 Keys To Living a Life of No Regrets

Our thoughts have the ability to hold us captive, or they can set us free. They can hold us captive to our past, to our bad situations, to our hurt, to our fears and to our pain. There have been times in my life when I focused so much on my past issues that I could not move forward. I was literally paralyzed by fears and thoughts about mistakes that I had made in life.

One day my mother began to list all the things I had done that she was proud of. She listed my accomplishments and spoke of ways I had positively impacted other people’s lives. Listening to her perspective at that time was so very different from the way I had been viewing my life. Sometimes, all we need is a wake-up call, and this was mine. I learned a valuable lesson. How do you get beyond the sting of the past and position yourself for a positive future free of regrets? Here are some great keys to begin:

1. Learn to look forward instead of backward

Look forward. Every time you are tempted to dwell on pains of the past, choose to change directions and simply look forward. You mean I can just choose? You sure can. Taking your thoughts captive is important to health and wellbeing. It’s a simple process of telling yourself, “NO, I refuse to dwell on the past. I CHOOSE to look forward to the future.” The only thing you need to remember from your past is lessons learned. We all make mistakes. We must choose if we will be stuck in the past or if we will move into the future.

2. Learn to take off shame like a garment

Take it off. Right where you are, stand up and take it off, just as if you were taking off a worn out, heavy overcoat. Determine in your heart and mind that the past is the past, and the lessons you have learned will protect you from ever going through that kind of situation again. I had a friend who lost a very lucrative job because she had a conversation with the wrong person at the wrong time and it cost her dearly. She was mortified. She beat herself up for months. Finally I said, “Have you punished yourself enough? Has that helped you to get your job back?” She laughed and said, “You are so right. It’s gone. Its time to move on.” Bad decisions of the past can’t be changed, and self-punishment is of no value. Learn from those experiences, decide to shake off the shame and move forward.

3. Learn to replace fear with faith

Fear paralyzes. Fear stunts growth. Fear is not part of who you are. That’s what I once thought. I thought I was just a shy, timid girl until the panic attacks locked me away from my own potential. If I had continued to hold onto that false belief, I would never have been able to do what I now do, because FEAR would have stopped me. Fear can be driven out. Tell it to go. It can be replaced with faith, faith in God. He will take your fears away and fill you with faith that will help you step into your future and become all you are created to be.

For more great tips to living a regret free life, pick up my new book, No Regrets, how loving deeply and living passionately can impact your legacy forever.


Author, seasoned conference speaker and host of nationally syndicated television program, “Freedom Today,” Robin Bertram brings a wealth of knowledge to women’s platforms across the nation. Robin’s passion for the Word, love for people, and heart to serve were developed early on in life as a “PK” and continued through her life’s journey. Impacting, influencing, investing in women, her mission and message are simple: to share the good news of the Gospel.

Robin has recently been promoted to Vice President for Christian Women in Media (CWIMA), after previously serving as National Regions Director. She also serves on the organization’s National Advisory Board. Her latest books are No Regrets; How loving deeply and living passionately can impact your legacy forever (June 2016, Charisma House), and Treasures at Heaven’s Gates; finding light in the midst of darkness (Fall 2018, Abingdon Press).