1. What is Roe V. Wade, the movie
2.​What is RVW Token?
Roe V. Wade = RVW Token
RVW tokens are based on the Ethereum Blockchain and represent the proportionate rights to the tokenized bond, which can be categorized as unsecured, unsecuritized derivative instrument under the laws of Liechtenstein and EEA.
3.What are security tokens?
security token, or sometimes called a crypto-security, is a financial instrument mainly used for fundraising, financing or as an initial public offering (IPO). It often represents rights to an investment or ownership-rights baked by an underlying real-world asset.
4.How LCX tokenized Roe v. Wade the movie?
LCX developed, created and deployed the RVW Token. LCX acted as Token Generator for the RVW security token issued by RVW Limited. The RVW Token is a tokenized security backed by the gross-profits of the Roe V. Wade feature film. The movie token is issued by RVW Limited.
5.Where can you buy RVW Token?
participate in the offering by registering at sale.RoeVWade.com.
6.the future of these tokens is clear and good to have.




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