The devastating winter of 1894 and 1895 dashed the dreams and fortunes of many new Florida settlers. Decades would pass before the state fully recovered.

When pioneers began to settle Florida they found wild oranges among the palm trees. They didn’t realize it at the time, but they were seeing the remains of a tragic clash of cultures: Spanish explorers and the Native Floridians.

During the 16th century the Spanish made several ill-fated attempts to…

Henry DeLand sought to create a town that would become a center for culture, education, religion and enterprise.

When Henry DeLand first drove through the blossoming settlement we know as Orange City, Florida he said: “This looks like the west. Here is snap and push. I am willing to go on.”

Henry Addison DeLand was a wealthy baking soda manufacturer who came to Florida 1876 with his family…

Robin Mimna

Proud Florida writer who enjoys nature and history. Robin’s work has appeared in the Orlando Weekly and Deep South Literary magazine.

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