Tales of tragedy and ghosts mark one of Volusia County's most celebrated historic sites.

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DeBary Hall in the 1890’s (Florida Memory Image Number N044348)

If you were to take a drive down Dirksen Dr. in DeBary Florida, you would find a quiet winding road flanked by large oaks. The surrounding neighborhood is filled with ranch style homes, common in Florida. Nothing unusual for this part of Volusia County.

But if you happen to spot the inconspicuous sign directing you down Mansion Boulevard, you will find a road lined with old fashioned street lamps leading to a grand plantation house set high on a hill. It is a sight so out of place, you are transported to a time when steamboats ruled the St. …


Robin Mimna

Proud Florida writer who enjoys nature and history. Robin’s work has appeared in the Orlando Weekly and Deep South Literary magazine.

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