I started noticing abandoned bikes 6 months ago. See on Instagram.

100 Abandoned Bikes Project

Today I am starting my first 100 days project.

For the next 100 days I will be posting photos of an abandoned bike to my Instagram account. In the middle of December I will have taken, edited, and shared 100 pictures.

This is the very first photo:

Two inspirations

Last year I followed a few friends and strangers during their 100 days. It felt really nice and I promised to myself that I will join next time. To pick one project, Jirka Pénzeš's jirkovo.coffee was the most inspiring.

My older (not part of the challenge) photo that helped me decide.

Coming up with an idea proved to be more difficult than expected. Sometimes I was worried that the project would've been either too difficult (recording Vines), too big commitment (running every day), or uninteresting for many people (JavaScript 1-liners).

Then I remembered that every day I pass a lot of abandoned bikes. Near the U-Bahn stations, in the parks, on the playground — everywhere! In the past I did take pictures of them, so interesting they are to me.

I am sure there are much more than 100 abandoned bicycles in Berlin. I want to take picture mainly of those I naturally meet. Of course, I count with that I will have to start looking for them actively in several weeks.


To give it some form, I have come up with the following rules:

  1. Different bike every time.
  2. Bike must be clearly abandoned. It must be damaged, missing some parts, or generally in a state that implies it is not ready to ride.
  3. As there is a risk of not finding such bike in some days I may take more photos in a day. However, all photos must be taken during those 100 days (between 1st September and 10th December 2016).
  4. Photos will be shared in the order in which they will be taken.
  5. Hashtags will include information about what is missing (#norearwheel #nosaddle), position (#standing #locked #lockedtopole), and place (#berlin #germany).


I hope I will me more observant to my surroundings I would otherwise overlook.

I hope I will discover new neighborhoods.

I hope I will get better at taking photos.

I hope I will meet new people. When they will comment on my photos online or question my sanity on the street.

I hope it will be fun.