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Recap of the events, characters, and activities at the Global Coworking Unconference Conference in Kansas City, MO.

Outside of the hanger that houses the National Airline History Museum.

In an abandoned airport hangar (now home to the National Airline History Museum), over 300 people from across the globe gathered for the Global Coworking Unconference Conference (better known as GCUC). This year marked the first time the conference was held in a new city, moving away from it’s Austin, Texas roots. Kansas City, Missouri was a great choice. The city has taken shape over the last few years and has reinvented itself as a thriving art and startup scene. Many businesses have reclaimed old buildings in an area of Kansas City called the Crossroad. The city has helped by…


Scott Gerber (@scottgerber) , YEC


Scott Gerber outlines the role of a superconnector in a big data world. After asking people who have 500+ connections on LinkedIN to recite all the name, we learn that that these connections are meaningless. When you treat your members like numbers you are fundamentally forgetting these people are human. Gerber leaves us with the idea if you can be a meaningful role for someone, you have a fan for life.

Key Takeaways:

  • Social capital is the most valuable currency in the age of social media.
  • When building community, the #1 thing you need to focus on…

What’s Next?



Trends in the workplace are rapidly changing. Over the course of only a few years the cubical height have shrunk to zero. Layouts in the office have changed from closed and static to open and collaborative. Furniture continue to evolve as well as the technology within them. We are not far away from connected furniture that have APIs people can hack.

Key Takeaways:

  • Posture has changed with mobile device use and furniture has begun to change with it.
  • Generation Y is working differently than the previous…

The Blurring of Lines



Coworking is a growing trend but growing in very different ways — today’s panel included people running spaces that are independent, corporate funded, university funded and one with a climbing wall.

When asked “what has worked and what are the challenges?” There were a range of answers. Generally speaking, growth was the top issue while the network strength was a close second. Small, focused teams manages the space while using the right tools have helped grow these communities.

The second half of…



Coworking is all about the unique personal stories the panel shared on how they got started. Each story is different but a similar thread is replicating is tough. What can help is starting to build a community as a soon as you can in new spaces

Key Takeaway:

  • Coworking is locked into 30 days lease with members. You’ll never have a set of member ready to move in when you open a new space.
  • Hiring general managers for a new pace is…


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