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With Amazon using it’s own delivery service now — there isn’t even really the guarantee that you will receive it when they say you will. They don’t even let you know where your package is (no specifics or accuracy in tracking) when it delivers via Amazon. I think the Amazon delivery service is like Uber for packages and they have random people in their personal vehicles delivering your products at their convenience. 80% of the deliveries that I receive that use Amazon aren’t delivered on time…. that pretty much destroys the usefulness of Prime for me. I used to (and still can when they ship UPS) be able to tell (and depend on) exactly when my package would arrive. Now, I have no idea when my products will be delivered. I have been a Prime member for 3 years but don’t plan to renew as a result of this problem, so I appreciate the information in this article, I will definitely be checking out Wikibuy!

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