Here we are in the twenty-first century, third millenium, still dividing ourselves into pieces and parts. We identify with this religion or that, this political party or the opposition, liberal or conservative or somewhere between, “our” sports team, “our” alma mater. We note color, size, shape, age, gender, and gender oreintation. We use each alliance as a means to further separate from each other. Covid-19 even sparked opposing opinions on what it is and what to do about it.

Whether you realize it or not, Covid is a game-changer.

Why? Because every religion, political party, and organized group was affected. No “type” of human is exempt. All humans, no matter their affiliations and convictions, are in this together. …

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From Pexels Karolina Grabowska

You want to complete the project your have worked on for years. You want good relationships. You want to see peace in the world. You want humane governance. You want a sustainable planet.

Here is how to have it all…

I have always believed Love with a capitol “L” could solve anything. At age fifteen I emptied my room of everything but a cork board with large balloon letters that spelled “LOVE” and “PEACE.” At first I thought Love was just a feeling to experience. I thought peace was something to create outside of myself.

Now, at age 65, after a lifetime of chasing those attributes I understand that Love is something I cultivated within myself and chose to act upon. Peace is also something I become as I heal my inner world and radiate my healed self as a light to others. …

Something was missing for most of the first forty years of my life.

I knew it, but I could not put my finger on the exact missing element. Oh, I functioned alright, faking my way past the shroud of insecurity, yet always uncomfortable inside my trembling, perspiring facade. Perhaps you recognize a bit of yourself in these opening lines? If so, it is my hope that by reading this chapter of my story, you may find your way to the greatest thing that will lead to your best life…

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During that earlier time I was shy in the extreme. I felt anxious at parties and in large group settings, always afraid I did not measure up to anyone I might meet. Once I got to know someone, one on one, I opened up a bit, but until I reached a certain level of comfort my stomach churned. …

Flow is the natural unfolding of things as experienced by a calm, centered mind. Flow happens when you tap into a deeper, wiser, part of yourself; the unfearing, loving, connected self.

Overthinking. We all do it at some point in our lives. Overthinking is a torturous road and it repeats itself until you feel half insane or takes steps to stop it. Some call it ‘monkey mind’; once one monkey takes over your brain a whole tribe comes to join in the fun. It sounds like this:

Why did this happen?

Why me?

What did I do to deserve that?

How can I do things just right so I don’t have to suffer?

Once upon a time I told myself a different story, that gratitude had nothing to do with success. I turned a blind eye to how my negative attitude toward certain situations created an aura of darkness in direct opposition to true success. I even defended my position that worry about circumstances was just part of life. The universe stood by and gave me what I invited…more worrisome circumstances. The universe wanted to give to me but I closed the door. The universe wants to give to you. The universe is a living entity. …

A gift for you a we begin the first day of the rest of our lives…

This morning I stood on the back porch observing a deer as she munched her way through the yard. Her innate ability to remain present with what is stood out as a simple yet profound lesson for we humans. She grazed with ease until a sound or movement caused her to raise her head. She looked around to see if any danger lurked nearby. With the realization that no wild cat or other predator stalked her, she went back to tranquil grazing.

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Image by Pixabay

We humans have forgotten this ability. As fellow animals we were designed to stay present and react only when a real threat exists. Instead, we have learned to let fear-based beliefs (most often stemming from childhood wounding) get in the way of what is actually taking place. On too many occasions I have suffered difficulties with friends and family who decided in their own minds what my motives were. Instead of checking in with me about where I was coming from they allowed the story in their mind to grow out of control until my true motives no longer mattered. I am sure I am not alone in experiencing this type of scenario. I remember what it was like to make assumptions about someone else and the associated heartache I caused myself. That was before I started wondering why I was so miserable and sought professional help. …

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I open this lap box of metal and plastic,

This small, inconsequential portion of my breath and being,

And it opens me to worlds of potential

And magic…really.

I forget it is still possible to walk down dark streets

Inside this little box;

Streets where listless monsters wait to try and steal my peace,

And defame anyone who crosses into their cyber space,

With a thought or idea,

New and different from their own.

With one all-too-quick emotion-fired click of a button,

The lonely monster on the dark cyber street

Projects its unhealed wounds on the unsuspecting,

Momentarily numbed to the flesh and blood…

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Yet another person in my sphere has taken their own life…in desperation, depression, and severe pain.

I am no stranger to suicide as it has woven itself into my life since I was ten and a cousin ended his life at age seventeen. When I was fifteen and depression hung over me I wished I would die in my sleep. Later one of the teachers at my high school died at his own hand. The list goes on of friends, acquaintances, and family members who all got to a point of such darkness they saw no other way out. Some succeeded while others did not. And when people aren’t ending their lives outright, they are drowning in alcohol or trying to figure out which drug best numbs the pain. …

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There is much talk of positivity these days. Think positive. Be positive. Affirm your goodness. All great suggestions for directing your energy level toward a healing trajectory.

However, from there the talk, the articles, the memes about positivity often devolve into grim hypocritical territory. Stay away from negative people. Remove negative people from your life. Don’t hang around with people who bring you down. Say goodbye to negative people and watch your life improve.

Who has not had a so-called negative thought or feeling? Who, if you are honest with yourself, is positive twenty-four hours a day? How many people spit out mantras for hours at a time “I am beautiful; I am peaceful; I am worthy; I am happy,” and their negative self-talk proves that they don’t believe a word of it? I speculate that far too many live in their own shadow, showing the world a happy persona, yet unable to carry real positivity within them that goes the distance and keeps them stable in a topsy-turvy world. …

Yesterday, in the privacy of a social media page designed for discussion on how to create a better world, a young man in his twenties cried out his grief over the lack of intimacy found in this world. He said almost no one was willing to meet him in a place of vulnerability and when he shows his deepest self, their mannerisms convey panic as they begin to distract themselves, block it off, block him off.

My heart went out to him in his pain and courage of expression. The image of a famous painting formed in my mind, The Scream by Edvard Munch. …


Robin Reichert

Author, Earth Divine - Adventures of an Everyday Mystic speaker/storyteller, peace alchemist, artist, award-winning story Transformed,

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