Beyond Passion

If you have not found your passion after all this time, it may be that you have been sold it as some incandescent ideal route to happiness, and since you’re not happy, well….

Perhaps passion is something you don’t seek, find, then go after, but see from the other side of giving yourself to something that matters to you. It is what wakes you up instead of lulling you forward into more and yet more sugary sweet sleepiness. We live in a culture that is selling us cheap happiness and even cheaper routes to happiness at every turn. But at some point we must ask… How’s that working for us?

Friends, it’s a cultural rouse. We are more complex and beautiful than that. Life is our partner, not our servant. We are adults, not greedy children wanting our “next” — that whatever that is promising to please. We have to work harder than we thought but guess what, that’s okay! In fact, it’s good. Hard work *that brings meaning and a sense of progress* is what has been proven to make us happy.

As for me, I will be wholehearted, work hard, think hard, design well, consider others, and count being of service as my greatest joy — because it always has been.

I’ve outgrown the trendy. Give me beauty. Give me soul.

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