Remember Who You Are

In difficult times, you will be tempted to forget who you are. To think that the outside world is bigger and stronger than it ever was before, and so you are “losing” at the great game of life.

You will fear that your inner journey is shrinking to the elements of the external world and that you have lost the life that you once were making progress with.

But the same things are as true now as they ever were: You are here to grow and contribute that growth to the collective. Your inner world is the world that dictates what you see and feel and hear and know, and this is the only mastery you have to strive toward, and surely the only one you have control of.

You will take that powerful inner experience and do what you can to affect the outer world, however small and senseless your contribution feels, because this is why you are here. You will make this contribution as one of 7 billion plus people who are all creating our world together — with no one experience smaller or greater than the next.

You will stay centered in your world and do what you can, where you can, forgetting the grand tally that is always a matter of perspective.

There is no winning or losing in this, any more than there is winning and losing in the seasons and years of a tree. The results of winter are not a failure, the rewards of summer are not an accomplishment. The tree can only be the tree, while you can only be you.

Let me assure you… Your path has not been lost. You are as firmly on it as you have ever been. Remember who you are. Remember why you are here.

Come back to center and then give from that true self and soul. This is all there is to do and all you need to do.