SQLite Malformed Database Schema Error - Solved

SQLite error database disk image is malformed occur due to corruption issues database file. Get solution to fix SQLite error malformed database schema.

About SQLite File

A Well know Database file called “SQLITE” used by the vaious application to store database file. As it offers various features single cross platform file such as UNIX, iOS, Linux, Android, Solaris, and Windows (Win32, WinCE, WinRT). Skype a popular app for video calling also used SQLite database file to store a database of chats, call logs etc. In this article, we focus on common error know as “SQLite error database disk image is malformed

User Query Related to Malformed Database Schema

As Schema error can occur due to various user, some scenarios are discussed below related to due corrupted SQLite database. In different application, this error occur with different name, while working with iOS, error occur with “sqlite error code 11 database disk image is malformed” syntax.

Query1: Getting error prompt of “SQLite SQL error malformed database schema”. I think this result of accidentally shut-down while between database operation. Allow full permission to the folder of the database and database itself. Try to try the “pragma integrity check” But getting the same problem. Someone know the solution to fix this kind of malformed database schema error.

Query 2: Suddenly while logging again to my account getting database error, check the database file of Skype, as long time data stored in the file. Try a program to restore called “ Skyperious” to repair the file, but the tool does not help to fix the malformed scheme SQLite SQL error.

Why SQLite database disk image is malformed error occur?

List of some Common reason of Malformed Error is given below

1) Corruption in SQLite Database File.

2) Dirty Shut down between mid operation.

3) Hardware Failure or any fault in host storage device

4) Exceed file size limit of the database file.

5) Changes in Configuration setting to avoid built in protection.

6) Small bug in the application can also SQLite malformed error.

7) Application crashed middle of operation

Image: Sqlite Database disk image is malformed

Use Pragma integrity_check to Fix Sqlite Malformed Error

To check the consistency of the entire SQLite database file in SQL server, a called “Pragma integrity check” is used, also known as consistency checker. This command checks any abnormal record data, misplaced pages, entries and most important any malformed records. Integrity checker also examines the NOT NULL & UNIQUE Constraints value stored in the database. Whenever error finds by this checker, it returns the message with error and can find provide a list of error up to 100. If there is no error found by checker then “OK” message appears.

Repair SQLITE database file using Integrity Check Command

To recover back the database in normal form to access the information and to fix database image SQLite malformed error, follow the steps to run Pragma check command in SQL Server.

  1. Start DB Browser
  2. Now Select the Execute SQL Command option.
  3. Type “PRAGMA integrity_check
  4. If you get a response like this “SQLite Error: database disk image is malformed”.

Then, you can Try to export the Data into a new Database file, Export data schema into new SQL file, follow the few steps.

Open File Tab in DB Browser.

  • Select Export Option >> Database to SQL File.
  • Choose the Tables, a user wants to export in new SQL file. Click OK.

Now user have to import the New file in the SQLite Browser

  • Open File Tab >> Select Import Option.
  • Select option Database from SQL file.

Now user can view the recovered tables into a new database file. This method can help user to access & repair SQLite Database file and view again their information.

Automated Solution to view Sqlite Database File

As SQLite file holds different file type such as binary data, byte code, BLOB data. It user not able to recover these kinds of data or get empty data tables due to corruption then user can go automated solution, that can help a user to access SQLite table and other data type files. A SQLite Forensic Explorer can help in this situation by analyzing the corrupted file and then recover the damaged or missing data from malformed database file of SQLite.