3 Ways We Can Help Veterans Get the Quality Care They Deserve in Their Own Communities
Tammy Baldwin

I have worked with Veterans and getting them the healthcare they need outside of the VA because of these very issues. It is an extremely frustrating system, and while many veterans have such pride and will not seek help outside of the VA, they are truly suffering. I commend you for the work and efforts you do Senator. Thank you. From the deepest of my heart, as I am a veteran as well. I look out for my fellow veterans, as well as my fellow Americans, pushing through to make sure we have a voice that can be heard. I would one day love to talk with you about the work I have accomplished and studied, so you could take this to Washington and show your colleagues why keeping the ACA intact is so VITALLY important for veterans and the VHA.

It is the duty of our elected officials to protect the rights of the great people of this country, as it was my duty to protect the people from harm, foreign and domestic. I have not forgotten my oaths to this country which I took over 25 years ago. Who, but the elected officials in Congress, can we ask to protect the needs of those who served to protect this country? PLEASE, make Veterans a voice to be heard in the conversation of the ACA!

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