11 Reminders for Your Greatness in 2016

by Robin Sharma

Image: Unsplash

#1. You can lead without a title. Because to lead is to inspire, excel and encourage.

#2. Less entertainment. More education.

#3. You amplify what you speak about. So speak words of hope, excellence and decency.

#4. Amazing performances are made in the extra mile. So overdeliver. Polish the details. And work with love.

#5. Energy is more valuable than intelligence. Protect yours well.

#6. No one will believe in you until you believe in you. So start believing in you — even when the world calls you crazy.

#7. Get up early. Join The 5 am Club. Use the first hour of your day to set your mind, heart and spirit for world-class.

#8. Less time on trivialities that will mean nothing when you’re old. Masters respect their time gorgeously.

#9. Release the past. You can’t construct an epic 2016 living in 1999.

#10. Never miss a chance to do something kind for someone in need. The world rises as you open your heart. It takes guts. But be brave.

#11. Small daily improvements lead to legendary results, in time. Be patient. Mastery requires consistency. And devotion.

I wish you the best 2016. I’ll work even harder to serve you this year. You are not alone. TOGETHER, we FLY.

With love and respect,