11 Ways to Upgrade Your Game

Listening to some magnificent Italian music over very hot [and truly excellent] coffee this morning as I write this blog post to you.

My prayer is that this note finds you filled with joy, fueled by a mighty mission and absolutely alive with awe. And wonder.

As I continue my work as the private advisor to many of the world’s most successful business titans, pro sports superstars and entertainment heroes, I constantly refine my “battle charts” and “game sheets” on what makes the great ones so good.

I thought it would be helpful to your ascent if I dipped into one of my playbook pages to share 11 “ways of being” of the virtuosos:

#1. They have a healthy disregard for rules

You can’t change the world if you’re scared to stand out [that’s an insight worth meditating on and deconstructing, I promise you]. The personal computer, for example, came out of the Bay Area counterculture scene. It’s only the rebels, outlaws and misfits of society who can see society differently. And catch gorgeous glimpses of a higher possibility.

#2. They don’t fool around

The superstars I work with are wizards of making things happen. The reality is that the majority moves slowly. It takes ages for them to complete a project and week upon week to get important things done. Zero judgment here. Just reporting. And this way of being is because most people are exhausted. And bored [so they have no raging fire to execute, in their souls]. The A-Players are diametrically different. They rise early, move swiftly and deliver beautifully.

#3. They insulate their magic

Oh my, we have such glory within us. I’ve been evangelizing this point for most of my adult lifetime [and my new book The 5 AM Club is all about precisely how to do this]. It’s so essential for you to own your greatness. And honor your bigness. The best in the world [BIW] know they have what I call in the new book “a primitive magic” within them. And so they set up environments, routines and institutions so that their gifts and talents are maximized [versus destroyed].

#4. They fireproof their energy

One of the brain tattoos of my teachings that has helped so many of my clients is this one: Energy is more important than intelligence. To dominate your game and build your empire you don’t need to be the smartest person in the room. Not at all. You just need to have the most energy. To implement your visions. To bring application to your dreams. And to handcraft a life you adore.

#5. They possess an obsession for perfection

Yes, perfectionism isn’t healthy. Got you on that point. Yet, here’s the reality based on my nearly 25 years in the trenches with famous CEOs, billionaires, NBA superstars and music icons: the great ones are all obsessive. They cannot bear being mediocre. They cannot live with stagnating at ordinary. They have uncontainable hunger to exploit their potential, bring on mastery and turn their entire field on its head.

#6. They are counter-culturalists

Sort of my earlier point, yet a little different. The maestros of epic performance are all radical contrarians. They know that the very nature of being a standout means you don’t get to fit in. You’re up earlier than everyone you know, you’re fitter and faster. You adore learning and you embrace innovating. You care more than most, take absolute pride in the work you release into the world and you are utterly electrified when you witness genius in action. Because it reminds you of your own promise for greatness. And so, you’re a freak.

#7. They are eclectic savants

The best of the best are really amazing at one or two things and sort of incompetent at most everything else. They get that the essence of genius is being what I call in my work a “purist”. And so they construct their days as well as their entire lifestyles around their singular obsession. They don’t dabble in various occupations and in their private life they don’t mess around with constant social obligations, trivial diversions and mindless entertainments. Instead, they concentrate their “assets of brilliance” on their main thing.

#8. They outwork everyone around them

There are too many people on the planet thinking they are entitled to peer respect, vast fortune and a mesmerizingly great life — without putting in the sweat, toil and grit required to deserve these rewards. I’ll tell you one thing — with genuine love and respect — the billionaires I coach, the amazing souls in my IconX private coaching mastermind and the incredible men and women who show up at my flagship 4-day event The Titan Summit year after year are unbeatable in terms of the hard work they put into translating their lofty fantasies into everyday reality.

#9. They are terrifyingly competitive

The best love to win. Period. Look, I’m all for being peaceful. For living in the moment. For savoring sunsets and rejoicing in nature. You know that, if you’ve been following my work over the years. Yet, serenity without bravery will leave you empty. And so yes, rest and relax and enjoy the fruits of your labor. And, push the envelope of your finest potential. Rise above last week’s performances to astonish even yourself. And make it a commitment to completely dominate your game.

#10. They get frustrated by average

The legends of creativity and the icons of productivity often experience what I call a “values clash”. They hold themselves to the highest of standards, in all that they choose to do. They’re work product is pure excellence. Their Mindsets are calibrated, their Heartsets are cultivated, their Healthsets are optimized and their Soulsets are electrified. Then they go out into the world and deal with people stuck in 1962. People whose idea of a good day is a few hours watching Breaking Bad and ancient episodes of House of Cards while they slurp on a soda, and rest on a sofa. People who don’t really care about the quality of their work. People who mail it in versus bring it on. Frustrating. For virtuosos.

#11. They are complex people

Study any revered genius of history and here’s what you’ll find: they were complicated people. They could be kind, patient and generous. And they could be selfish, arrogant and aggressive. All gifts are pre-packaged with a dark side. The things that make you extraordinary are the very things that can drive the people around you crazy, right?

Hope my sharing this page from my private playbook has been of service to your rise to world-class. I work with love.

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Ok. Hope this post helps! And definitely be one of those people who take action versus putting off living the life we both know you deserve.

With love + respect,