3 Routines to Rock 2016

By Robin Sharma

Image: Unsplash

Ultra-excited to share 3 new daily routines with you today that I’ve never shared with anyone.

If you’ve been following me for a while, you know one of my core brain tattoos is this one: huge achievement is less about your genetics and more about your rituals.

The pros aren’t more gifted. They just install better habits.

Commit to the right routines, practice them daily and within 66 days they’ll wire in as automatic, making them easier to do than not to do. [I call this The 66 Day Rule and the research comes from The University College of London].

Please also remember that

all change is hard at first, messy in the middle and beautiful at the end.

If it’s not difficult at first, it’s not real transformation. So why pursue it?

In my devotion to helping you create some exceptional momentum during these first few weeks of 2016 so you do amazing things, I encourage you to make these 3 routines a part of each day:

#1. The Good News Greeting

Too many energy vampires on the planet. We need more uplifters and elevators of the human spirit, people who radiate positivity. Bottom line: the true measure of our lives, at the end, will come down to the influence we’ve had on each person we’ve met. So make it your daily practice, when you meet someone, to start the connection with something supergood. And leave them better than you find them.

#2. The Sudden Generosity Play

I’m in Dubai, set to fly to Rome, as I write this. This morning, I left a large tip for the room cleaner at the hotel. Their job is hard. Their pay is low. They get little praise. Yet, they are the unsung heroes of the guest experience. And many work with intense pride. So in every hotel I stay at I make it a devotion to celebrate them, in whatever way I can

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