From a Job to a Craft

I’m going to lovingly challenge your deepest assumptions today.

A dominant belief of our culture is that immortality is impossible. And yet, look at Shakespeare and Mozart. Tesla and Salk. Marcus Aurelius and Kurt Cobain.

Each of us, every day, through the jobs we do are offered a shot at greatness, an opportunity to reach immortality.

As we produce work that becomes pure poetry, we impact and influence our teammates, we wow our suppliers, we inspire customers and strangers. And we lead our industry.

And once we make this our operating system, we begin to live on in the lives that we are blessed to touch.

Do this daily, and you’ll create a tsunami of contribution. Continue it for a lifetime and your Body of Work will remain, long after you’re gone.

If you’re ready to leap from “doing a job” to “living a mission”, definitely make the time to watch, study (and then deconstruct in your journal or on a whiteboard) this Mastery Session.

Remember: what separates the A-Performers from the ordinary ones is they make the time to invest in the knowledge and create the spaces to study their craft.

So do what all pros do: dig deep into learning. And watch this video.

In service of your greatest growth, maximum impact and truest success,

With love + respect,


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