The World I Wish For

Brutal wars. Inhumane terror. A global economy in the deepest throes of volatility.

People with walls up, living life off a white screen versus loving the experience as a full-on human being.

Together, you, me and the many millions of Leaders Without Titles who have joined this movement of ours (3.5 million on my Facebook page and many millions more as readers of my books in 80+ nations, members of my email lists and other Social platforms) are making an impact in the world.

And so, from the core of my heart…

I honor you for who you’re becoming. I celebrate you for the fears you’re releasing. I applaud you for the incremental yet beautiful work you’re producing.

Know, you — and everyone else with us on this wild and fantastic ride to our best — are my heroes.

Of course, this movement — one designed to remind people of their natural greatness and interior genius — has its cynics. Some dismiss what we’re doing as superficial. Others as irrelevant. A few as unpractical.

Let them judge. And may we — together — take the rocks critics throw at us and arrange them into monuments of heroism, audacity, courage and kindness.

I offer you 10 wishes that I hold quietly for the new world we are building. Study them. Deconstruct them. Share them. And live them.

  1. I wish for a world where everyone understands that discomfort is the price of legendary. And fear is just growth coming to get you.
  2. I wish for a world where people understand that life is short. So today’s the time to do big things.
  3. I wish for a world where success is measured not by what we take nor by what we get. Just by what we give. And who we become.
  4. I wish for a world that gets that your “I Can” is exponentially more important than your IQ.
  5. I wish for a world that understands that leadership is less about a title and the size of your position. And so much more about your mindset. And one’s devotion to work like Picasso painted.
  6. I wish for a world with less ego, more humility. Less being busy, more productivity. Less entertainment, more education. Less selfies, more selfless. [There, I said it!].
  7. I wish for a world that sees each day as a life in miniature. And every moment as a platform for personal heroism.
  8. I wish for a world where every single citizen has no idea how to quit. Just factory installed relentlessness.
  9. I wish for a world that has learned that we grow fearless by walking into our fears.
  10. I wish for a world of victors versus victims, encouragers versus deniers and dreamers versus destroyers. Because how high you fly is derived from how big you think. And how iconic you become is caused by how deeply you love.

If you want a world such as the one I wish for, please help me serve more human beings by doing these 3 things now:

A. Share this message with 10 friends so you inspire 10 lives today.

B. Sign up for my free exclusive Mental Mastery Toolkit at:

C. Do one brave or kind act of humanity for someone in need today.

Love + respect,


P.S. If you haven’t received my Mental Mastery Toolkit designed to rewire your thinking and performance just go here. Zero cost. All I ask is that you use it. Hope all this helps you rise.

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