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Can’t say I agree. If it were their body type, they would not have to work to attain that body. Indeed the phrase stems from the fact that frequently, it is not the natural body type, rather it is a type imposed but I shouldn’t even say imposed. If you do not like the dress code of a particular company and they refuse to change it, if you cannot sue, assuming it is nothing illegal, you leave and get a job where you can be yourself, curves or not.

There is no way considering the overwhelming evidence that skinny women can claim to suffer as much discrimination and hate as ‘curvy’.

What you are doing is the same thing many Caucasians do when they show crass insensitivity to the black lives matter movement.

If a slogan has been coined to make the heavyset accept themselves, it is long overdue. The skinny still have centre stage. We all know this. So please let’s not pretend not to get it.