What Trump’s Misogyny Means for His Policies
Hanna Brooks Olsen

Do we believe that a man who couldn’t handle questioning from Megyn Kelly without resorting to gross stereotypes about menstruation can calmly carry on strategic meetings with heads of state who also happen to be women?’

This is what resonates the most with me. I just cannot see how someone who lacks the maturity to control his temper can be a good head of state. He was successful in business I imagine because he owned the busimesses and therefore as his son said, you either accepted his attitude or you left.

God forbid he encounters a Margaret Thatcher whose views are not his…NATO will turn on itself…entente cordiale and all the diplomacy that made the free world free will have to be excavated from the ruins of a civilisation consigned to history books.

Thank you for unleashing another monster. We are resilient as woman. Pity no one ever thought that we sometimes would have wanted to rest from the battle. Amazons pick up your weapons, be weary not…once again your are needed to save the world from the ‘___heads’ (fill in the blank).