Status meetings are the scourge
Jason Fried

Have to disagree. We recently started having them and as the Manager they have helped me keep tabs on what’s going on. Often the right time is not negotiable and that has to be understood so everyone can pull in the same direction because all the work being done as a team is being done to attain a single objective for the company or institution. It’s not about individual goals trumping the reason staff were employed in the first place.

Second am finding that those lower on the ladder are gratified to have supervisors look them in the eye and explain just why we are doing this or conversely to physically see supervisor’s reaction to their views. It makes people feel ‘important’ and somehow they need that.

Comprehension of the written word is often less common than supervisors think. You sent the circular; it seemed clear enough to me but umm…okay…the CEO said the blue presentation was coming first but umm…no one noticed we actually have navy blue and teal…umm…which is which…why is the board meeting staring at a blank screen?

They also help to avoid the ‘he died at his desk 2 weeks ago and no one knew till the cleaning lady went in there last week’ syndrome.