Why I stopped Writing on Medium
Pavithra Aravindan

Hello. I think it would be a mistake to put yourself in others shoes. What i mean is a lot of follwership on places like Medium is essentially from folks who would rather read than watch TV. There will always be people like that and thank goodness, for we have seen what havoc a non-reading population can wreck on the world through their uninformed decisions.

Then, given that we are all different people, your perspective even while on the same matter, can never be exactly the same as that of another. Hence, it could be very enlightening to hear and read the other. Indeed, if people knew more about others who are not like them, the world would fare much better, I believe.

I can imagine the thrill when so many like one’s post and yet there is also the thrill of spitting out those gut wrenching feelings even if no one likes, hearts or agrees, when it is only by writing that one can breathe again and be free of a feeling that the verbal form of expression will just not satisfactorily convey.

Yes, we are all different. It boggles my mind as to how video creation can replace writing, so maybe that is something I can learn from you…in your next article…maybe?