Why Women Will Continue To Be Mistreated At Work
Helen Situ

I disagree which the manner in which you reach your conclusion. I am female. If someone says ‘I never saw this or that’ unless you can specifically point out to the event or incident that clearly was harassment, you have no case and indeed your claim should be dismissed. In none of the Twitter posts you cited can you claim they are being dismissive. If they were, they would not have responded.

If this is the manner in which the female side intends to fight the battle, we have already lost. We seem to want to appeal to some vague decency that ever man is supposed to have rather than responding ‘you said you cannot see it. Well do you remember at the party when Rod kept telling sexually explicit dumb blonde jokes?’ or something specific.

Your position in this piece does not help anyone take us seriously. And anyone is entitled to be dismissive if they so wish, it is a determined woman’s fight to respond in such a way that they will never be dismissive again by the time the woman is done. We do not need their sympathy, we simply need them to know ‘yes be a sexist dickhead if you wish and have the support of all your friends but keep it at home’. If you cannot there will be consequences.

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