An Open Letter to My Indian Friends
Josh Steimle

I don’t think this is racist at all. Of course, I am not Indian. But I do thank you for going this length to educate. Some of what you mentioned applies to any pursuit of a client and thank you for articulating these truths so well.

What comes to my mind in looking at similarities with where I reside in West Africa, where attitudes may be the same, is this; do not ignore the local market. Local companies also often need high quality services but often all the ‘talented’ people seem to think success means export.

Sorry if this does not apply in India but the sentiment prevails in my neck of woods. Everyone thinks export is the answer to their dreams of financial happiness. I guess I should be happy as my 8 month old company is making a killing by ‘opening’ the eyes of our fellow citizens who are more comfortable with us and actually very comfortable in local currency; enough to pay us quite well.