The level of stupidity of this man knows no bounds. His answer when asked about Lincoln’s success:
Joanne Benitez

I hate to laugh but this is cracking my ribs. Am a conference interpreter and there is noting less funny than interpreting a speaker who is making no sense whatsoever and you sit in the booth knowing that your clients cannot make head or tail of what you are saying because you cannot ‘invent’ you have to be as faithful as possible to the original.

But the thing is this has become how most people think and speak…so completely unable to coherently articulate thoughts or to even simply be coherent.

There are world leaders who know nothing about anything. Who think that because the United States is the greatest country in the world purportedly, it is okay to be…well…clueless and dumb.

Am sorry to still be laughing. It’s like nonsense speak done on purpose

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