Here’s What Happens When You Give $1,000 to Someone in Extreme Poverty
Andrew McDermott

I live in and am from a country with the abject poverty you refer to. Thank you on behalf of all of us. It does make a difference. We have a newspaper here that publishes stories of people like the mother roasting corn by the roadside hoping to feed her kids. When the papers asked her and those like her what they need to improve their lot…tears well up when she says stuff like ‘an umbrella’ for sunny days. A push cart to not have to carry so much load and 5 dollars to keep the kids in school. Interesting is how her entire business plan is in her head though she can’t read much. So next she’s sending roasted corn nicely packaged to the civil servants in their office down the road and it took less than buying a new pair of shoes for my dynamic duo. Giving is supposed to hurt according to Mother Theresa but it doesn’t have to and yet it changes lives.

Another device…when you buy your roasted plantain and groundnut on the way home, leave your change and don’t haggle.

It may be fashionable but ignoring the poor even in the backyards of the wealthy is still just not civilised. Or convince yourself by realising they may rise up and do you serious harm if you must.

Touched by how you actually got there and how it’s not funding a bunch of expats driving to the country club in the latest landrovers…which is where most official aid goes…we know…we bump into them and wonder ‘are you ever going home or to actually check on your project?’