I Was Just Accosted By Security Men Who Were Told That I Robbed a Neighborhood Grocery Store…
Ezinne Ukoha

I often fail to agree with most of the positions you take but in this particular instance I do think you should see an attorney and sue.

I am yet to understand why in part of the world you live there is a rule whereby everyone must live permanently in hyperbole.

Shoplifting exist everywhere there are shops whether the brick and mortar kind or the wooden table covered by a raffia mat.

Where else in the world does shoplifting lead to the type of response you have recounted? And yet everyday across the world the light of finger ply their trade.

Too often civilisation seems to have passed by unnoticed in the wealthiest country in the world.

First how on earth in an era of surveillance cameras and all kind of alarms does a shopper waltz out of a store with an entire bag of merchandise that has not been paid for?

Okay the shoplifters are apparently more ‘civilised’ than the police and shop owners.

So the next thing is a human being is about to be fatally shot or run over (in another person’s driveway no less whose kids could have been riding their tricycles) for goods whose worth may not be able to pay for the gun that will mow down the ‘over civilised’ shoplifter.

‘Make una helep me oh’ as we say in Ajegunle as in ‘do the number of mentally unstable people far outnumber the sane?’ One cannot help but wonder-story after story out of a Peter Sellers movie.

On the scale of action and consequence must you guys always break the scale?😨