Are Nigerian banks useless?
Jason 'Igwe' Njoku

I wish a ‘banker’ or ‘bank worker’ would respond to this.

For the kneeling down…depending on the guy’s age, Fayose age and what happened, this from a culture standpoint is not shocking. We do still as full grown adults postrate and kneel (at least in my own Yoruba culture). Of course how to separate the western culture of banking from our culture and if they should even be separated is a question.

Nice to know all banks are the same but I resolved to never ever ever set foot in a Zenith bank when they populated their entire high end neighbourhood branch with ONLY light skinned hot babes. They really are not interested. Not that I know anything about high finance but it showed where or rather on whom their focus was.

Finally, it is really always better and cheaper to build in Naija if one can. I don’t watch much TV will try to watch Iroko though….

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