On Weight Loss Surgery And The Unbearable Thinness Of Being
Your Fat Friend

I wish there was a magic formula to claim culture back. I fail to see how, so long as one is healthy, one’s size is anyone else’s business.

I once was at an open air market in Europe with a ‘friend’ from home I had to habour. She had no compunction trying on clothes right there in front of the market stall. Next thing, pulling off the sweater, off comes her wig too. Everyone burst out laughing and pointing fingers, then suddenly the amusement fades almost instantly. Why? She just carried on like nothing happened. Such aplomb can be terrifying to the taunters. Why must one live for someone else? Why care? I presently know two gentlemen in affairs with ‘bigger’ women. Mrs was a plus size when he picked her; she decided she should conform to the perceptions of beauty of everyone but the person who married her. He says he’s not out of love but he no longer gets satisfaction. It takes all sorts. I wish there was more talk about being healthy no matter the size.

But really is one required to care? The donkey, the boy and the man…so please everyone else and see how elusive happiness suddenly becomes.

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