My Conversation with Peter Thiel about Apartheid… And its Unfolding Aftermath
Julie Lythcott-Haims

Is this to say that his opinion of Trump is so important because the purported democracy of one person one vote can apparently be hijacked by any billionaire who decides to support and donate to a candidate. So if the majority of voters support Hillary, the fact that Thiel is very wealthy and supports Trump means that the opinion of the majority becomes irrelevant? Or is it that votes are bought or because I cannot afford many TV ads no matter the validity of my ideas I will lose. Or rather no matter how awful I am if a millionaire backs me I win? Any why pray tell is a millionaire not entitled to his own opinion? Is there a rule that opinions to be expressed must be popular? It is indeed the poverty of ideas that has given the United States the candidates it now has. No one wants to take the trouble and I am referring to the candidates’ supporters, to convince or at least articulate their position. Thiel must have said why he believes in Apartheid. The point should be ‘here are compelling reasons why you should not apart from the fact that an entire race is subdued. Their subjection is meaningless to you. Okay how about this or that’.

You were 18 when Thiel spoke to you. It is doubtful that he was several decades older and yet he presumably cannot evolve.

Is it not at all possible to have a political idea or vision that can convince the electorate which can stand on its own?

Is it not possible to actually debate and point out why Thiel may be wrong or not?

Is it a crime to actually think during election years and refrain from hysteria and ‘idol worshipping’. Thiel is a millionaire. This is what he thinks. Okay let us roll over and die and on top of it he has money. God forbid that we do not care…really am at a loss as to how this democracy functions.