‘Fictional people’
Ben Wolford

‘It is not our job to dump information into the world and let readers decide if it’s fact or fiction. Our job is to present facts and let readers decide their own opinions about them. To do otherwise is malpractice.’

Thank you. One would never have thought that the Press would one day see its role as that of keeping the public misinformed and ignorant. After the fictional weapons of mass destruction, it was expected that the fact of realising that people actually lost their lives over fictional stories would serve as a check. But apparently not. I mean how much hate must a person harbour to descend to this level of slander? There is something wrong with some journalists. This is just beyond sick. And more troubling…thanks to these smokescreens who will now know the truth? Finally, do the millions looking up to Govts to improve their lives actually care about golden showers?!!