[Thank you for reminding me that] Black Lives Matter
OluTimehin Adegbeye

The fact that your prompt to write is a movement in a foreign land by foreigners who happen to share the same skin colour as ourselves is actually the answer to the question you have asked.

Apparently, by your own admission none of what you mentioned bothered you till the movement arose abroad.

With the number of Nigerian soldiers that have died and are still dying to claw back our territory from the insurgents what is painful is the fact that you are apparently completely unaware and ungrateful for the sacrifice. To allege that the carnage in Borno is being ignored is to ignore the thousands and I say thouands of Nigerian individuals and NGOs that support the resettlement effort and provide food and school fees to displaced persons. How about if you stop watching CNN and find what is really going on in your country?

With internet bundles available at 500 naira, I wonder where the millions of Nigerians who do not have access to the internet live. Certainly not in Nigeria where every single young person, whether he lives in Bariga or Sabon Gari has data on his or her phone.

If your computer cost more than most Nigerians are paying for university education you should sell it, send the money to one of the IDPS camps. Lucky you. These same Nigerians are the highest demographic in foreign universities and even local private universities but oh sob sob…they are so poor.

But to speak seriously, no policemen or women are gunning anyone down in Nigeria at traffic stops because of the colour of their skin. Mention three that have occurred this year.

And for so long as are reference points are not homegrown, they are not authentic, they cannot withstand the rigours that serious protest require because quite frankly held up for scrutiny they fail the test of ownership. Truth is most African Americans cannot stand Africans….not that that means they should be gunned down in the streets of their own country but to leverage on their movement to mobilise in Nigeria is a bit too much.