Exactly. Trump isn’t a polished individual; in fact, he is a bit rough around the edges and at…
Mara Segal

The problem I believe stems from Trump’s party not having the foresight to understand that if racism or xenophobia is to be institutionalised again there has to be a process within the system that already exist. If for instance all blacks in South or North Carolina (can’t remember which is citing cases that involved slaves, in the 21at century) are to be disenfranchised by Government, it is necessary to think through how to do that since the gas chamber option presumably is no longer an option. If the concept of the common good has lost its allure, it still needs to be ‘processed’ out of the system through which it previously held sway.

In other words it does not seen that the party is ready to govern now that it has won. It is very hard to feel that he has a cabinet of people who actually know how to achieve their manifest with the power they now have. Stuff they should have foreseen keeps raising its head (thankfully for the rest of us). Just makes them look incompetent. The party or whoever decided Trump would be the flagbearer, should have calculated the various legal hurdles and how to get around them. If Trump can be forgiven for imagining it would be a question only of ‘how high’ when he said jump, he needed and still needs to have it explained to him that the trampoline only has springs under certain conditions. It does look like the rule of law is about to be jettisoned but it does still exist. Had they done their homework when they should have, all the dismantling of the awful things that allowed most ‘other’ people to think they were also human would have been gone by now.

So we just need to be patient and see how this plays out. I have said before it is morbidly exciting…a bit like being privileged to see a repeat of how Mussolini and Hiltet rose to staggering heights of popularity. I for instance never would have thought that it is possible in a Western democracy, for the President to fire the head of an investigative agency because the outcome of the investigation may make him look bad. It is so riveting to watch this one for the goose after we assassinated the gander for a lesser offence play out. Only now do I understand why Romney cried. But then some folks skin is too thick to care about stuff like being beyond reproach. And this in both camps.

I do not like Trump. Am glad I live somewhere else but he is giving his electorate what they asked for when they voted and that actually rarely happens in many so called democracies.