The City Seen For The First Time
Feyi Fawehinmi

Voted for Buhari don’t regret it but then am not a economist. If the only thing he spends the four years doing is jailing the corrupt whether selective or not am happy. I hope the dollar continues to rise. Already we can buy acceptable Nigerian made groceries and my relation just got CBN’s handshake for his poultry farm and we no no one in Govt. Boko Haram is on the run but basically am the irrational green white green waving illiterate in most things that matter Nigerian who came back cos I missed her so much warts n all. All it took to cure me of wanderlust was to wander far from here.

Ideas matter but what we do with them matters more so at some point there will have to be a rallying cry.

Basically Jonathan should be had up for treason is the truth. Sorry you feel the anguish…I guess green white green blood will still flow if the cut is deep. Under normal circumstances if enough people feel the way you do and several have even expanded on your thoughts a shift should be possible. But normal we are not. I have no point but to say I hug Nigeria close to my naked bosom and no one will ever be able to open my brown arms when I bury myself in her fragrant muck. Sorry…hope is a hunger that should always be satisfied.