Debunking “Trans Women Are Not Women” Arguments
Julia Serano

Whether they are women or not, should not affect how women who were born women and intend to remain women are treated. When it does, their freedoms are trampling on the freedoms of others who do have the same equal rights to their own sexuality, experiences, spaces and everything else. I for instance do have a right to a locker room where I do not have to see a ‘female penis’. It’s very curious but somehow predictable that the rights of women, born and remaining women are once undermined by yet another struggle that apparently cannot be articulated for some reason without taking away from the dignity and indeed existence of women, born women, who choose to remain women.

Why for instance does not one argue that I am a man in a man’s body and yet I am actually a woman despite what you see? So I can be in the male locker room because the penis you see is a ‘male vagina’?

Fight your fight without trampling on us we are still trying to keep them from grinding us into the diet.

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