Iced Out
Cara Paiuk

Yet to fathom what the attraction is. Isn’t life hard and busy enough? I cannot also understand where people find the time. So not interested in trying to help you carry the weight on your shoulders. So not wanting to have people I have heaved a sigh of relief over ‘losing’ find me again. I truly fail to see the attraction of the platform. Why choose to stay on the rat rice like permanently? If am not doing this I have to be doing that other thing and yak yak yaketing n yammering all the time? How about stillness silence and me just keeping me company? I don’t even let loads of people see my kids in real life not to talk of sharing their photos with strangers. You need to earn it to gaze upon their angelic countenances; go stare at your own kids…sheesh

As for me, one of best decisions you ever took.