Well you are certainly entitled to your opinion.
Mara Segal

Your words resonate with me not because I care for Trump but because he is keeping his word to those who voted for him. In that, he is better than Clinton, who said one thing in public and another in private like most politicians. In that, I admire him.

He should however extend his bravery to not lying to get his way. But he is definitely more ‘honest’. Not being part of the establishment, he did not grasp the technicalities of many of the gross human rights violations he intends to implement but those should have been explained to him so that for instance before he promised to build the wall he could have said for example ‘I so much believe in this that I will pay half of the cost’.

It is this honesty that has resonated and continues to resonate. He promised no matter how horrible but he promised and he is trying to achieve, much to hair raising fright of the rest of us but he is honest in a strange way.