Guide to Different Limo Service as per your Event Requirement

As you should know limousines are luxurious sedan cars that have chauffeurs driving them and there is partition between the passenger side and the driver’s side. They have a long wheelbase also the chassis of the limos have been usually stretched by the car manufacturer. The limousines with this special type of design are called “stretch”. Limousines or Limos are usually either white or black in color. Although for special kind of event, limos other than black or white can be arranged. As limos are expensive, it is mostly used by the rich individuals. However with help of Limo hire companies, nowadays anyone can afford these expensive limousines. And they perfectly fit with occasions like wedding, bachelor parties and proms. We are going to discuss what kind of limos will be suitable according to the event.

Depending on your budget and requirement, there are different types of limos that are available for you. From information at limo advisor, it is evident there can be other kind of limousines available but these are the key ones. Here are some for you

Traditional limousines

Ideally a limousine has always been a large car with long wheelbase and a permanent partition between the compartment of the driver and that of the passenger. With traditional limousines there are two or three seats placed facing forward behind the driver in the additional foot space. The seats can be folded whenever you want. When done, it makes the capacity at the passenger to be of four to five people. Traditional limousines are normally used as taxis in the up markets, transporting the company executives in cities and also top political figures.

Glamorous limousines

Exotic limos are designed by adding different type of facilities to make them very comfortable. These limos are ideal choice for bachelorette parties and things like that. Facilities that can be availed in this kind of limousines could include DJ stands, hot tubs that are integral part of any good party. Manufacturers of these luxurious limos include — Cadillac XTS, Lincoln town car, Escalade, Hummer H2 and others. As these limousines are designed for party use, it can easily accommodate up to 10 passengers. Moreover there is enough space available too making it perfect ride for party people.

Novelty limousines

To be hones novelty limos are not actually limousines. Actually these are normal cars which have been transformed into limousines. For example, the East German car Trabant designed for modest manufacturing cost. The fitted body panels were made from clear plastic material and rag fibre. Novelty limos usually come in variety of colors other than traditional black, while that includes purple, yellow and pink. These kinds of limousines are frequently used during wedding ceremonies where numbers of guests are more. Among other limos, Novelty limos are the cheapest.

These are the primary categorization in different limousines that you find. There are some other limos too. You can find those limousines if you browse a popular limo listing business.