Irelands best Fitness Nutritionist is a Soldier

Everyone is talking about those so-called “influencers” nowadays, they’re the ones who change the world. Based on what they wear, use, do and share on their social media they influence teens and other Instagram users.

On Instagram, we’ve got the famous huge influencers with 1 million followers, but we also got smaller influencers which remain undiscovered.

You know how it is when you’re endlessly searching Instagram for hours for the next best thing to entertain us. Well on one of my random searches I came across a fitness profile @ppt_fitness which caught my attention. This wasn’t like most profiles with body pictures and no substance but this guy was using videos with humour and science to get his point across and it intrigued me.

The more I watched the more I laughed until I seen a picture of him in a military uniform. This triggered the investigative side of me. Who is this guy? Is he a soldier?

I went onto google and typed in his name and it seems this guy is pretty popular across the pond. One of the first things that came up was a newspaper article about an Irish sniper instructor calling out the nonsense in the fitness industry.

Sniper instructor?

Apparently yes.

His name is Peter O’ Halloran, he is a serving soldier in the Irish army and owns PPT Fitness and Nutrition. He is a fully qualified personal trainer and nutritionist.

Not only is he a soldier but he is a sniper instructor with over 3 tours of duty to his name.

I also learned Peter won Ireland’s Best Fitness Nutritionist/Dietician award at the Irish Fitness Industry Awards in 2018 and a few day later took the award for Best Use of Social Media by a Gym/Personal Trainer at the Irish Social Media Awards 2018.

On one publication I read about Peter they were asking about his videos calling out products which is what caught my attention in the first place.

According to the Irish sun newspaper Peter said

“So I started calling people out on Facebook and Instagram for giving wrong information. There’s a lot of lies in the industry.

“I have clients with health issues and eating disorders. A lot of them would tell me that they’d be following these bad accounts and taking their advice.

“I witnessed one female PT with the skinniest arms telling her followers that she carries all of her fat in their arms.

“I tried to call it out because you have young girls and kids looking at their own arms and thinking, ‘I must be fat too’.

“These people are giving misinformation, practically starving themselves and creating issues like body dysmorphia.”

“A lot of trainers don’t have the knowledge when it comes to how food affects hormones and how women’s body’s holds water at certain times. They give you an 800 calorie diet and tell you to lose weight. The first two weeks you are going to lose weight anyway because of the drastic calorie deficit. Your metabolic rate will slow down to accommodate the food you are taking in and you will hit a plateau. Your body and brain become sluggish, and eventually you give up. You start to eat more food again and the weight piles back on. Think of it this way — if I ask you to hold your breath, you can hold it for a certain amount of time but eventually your brain will take over and make you breathe for survival. It’s the same way with food,” Peter explains.

Peter also shared some motivational advice for people trying to lose weight.

“People need to understand that losing weight is like a long car journey — you will always have to stop for whatever reason and you might ‘fall off the wagon’. But remember, just because you stop doesn’t mean you have ruined your journey. Some people losing weight think if they have a bad day the whole thing is ruined. It’s not!

“Think about it this way — if you are driving a car at 100km/h and take your foot off the pedal, it just slows down. The car is your body and slowing down won’t ruin everything straight away. Get your foot back on the pedal and you will get back to speed in no time.

From what I’ve read I think this guy is the one to watch for the future. It’s hard to decipher between the lies you find on social media when it comes to fitness and nutrition but this guy seems to be a breath of fresh air bringing honesty and truth and the fact he is a sniper I’m just happy I’m a long way away from him if I ever have anything bad to say.

To check him out for yourself and make up your own mind you can find him on Facebook at also in Instagram as @ppt_fitness or his website

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