Younjosh is rocking every Music charts with his new Single

As you know at Medium, I have always keeping tabs on up and coming artists and DJ/producer in the scene. I try to figure out those whom we believe are the soon to be next big time faces in music. One such artist we recently came across seems to standing out, is your recent favorite Younjosh from Atlanta. He is a budding music producer who has only released his first single in this New Year. If you are frequent at different music chart online, you should have already known this single from Younjosh which is called “Looking Sexy”.

About his first Single

I am quite sure you would not have heard about Younjosh until very recently. As he has only two singles till now. What is more his first single was released on this New Year, 2017 only. However do not underestimate his talent as he is very new to the arena. I would like to inform you that his first single “Looking Sexy” which was released this New Years day; has already been viral in the music world. Younjosh has teamed up with Harvey J for creating his first single. And I must say it has paid of well going by the numbers. For your information Looking Sexy made it to first place at Hypeddit Top 100 Deep House Charts. Not only that it has already reached 1 million plus streams on various music platforms. So what are you waiting for, checkout the music from his official iTunes store here -

His music is also available on different music streaming sites including Soundcloud, Spotify and more. In order to download his original music, you can checkout his iTunes store or Spotify store and search for Younjosh. You will get his single which has already went viral on various music streaming sites.

Rise Up Youth, his second Single

Rise Up Youth is his second single after Looking Sexy. For this single Younjosh has teamed with another well known musician Kooly Bros who is also famous for the unique talent. Rise Up Youth is only the second single of Younjosh after his first single Looking Sexy gone viral in various music charts online. In soundcloud only it hit the 1 million mark after its initial release. There is no doubt that his second single Rise Up Youth will also gone viral on music streaming. Actually it has the potential to do more good than the earlier. To match up with the expectation different music reviewers has already provided rave reviews about Rise Up Youth.

Ridden on his new found success on music world, Younjosh has planned for bigger music releases in the future. I am quite sure if you are a music enthusiastic, you should follow his social media pages (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram) for latest updates.