A Boy’s Asthma Journey

“The amount of drugs children are taking just so they can breathe is mind-boggling."

This statement of Dr. Ray Strand, M.D. says it all.

I’d like to open this with the story of a boy who felt a little bit limited. While other normal kids ran around non-stop he had a limit. His back had to be kept dry with a towel. Cats and dogs were cool pets and their family had some but he can’t play around with them for so long, cat and dog hair would trigger the difficulty in breathing. So for a pet he would spend much time with a nebulizer. He had asthma.

The more extreme situations involved being rushed to hospitals. Multiple times. When he was around 8yrs old, it was new year's eve, he suddenly couldn't breathe too well. He went to a bedroom to try to take a rest until finally he found it really hard to breathe. His mother found him there lying on the bed breathing with all his might. No more questions. Hospital rush. Upon reaching the emergency area he lost consciousness while being sent to confinement. He woke up with some medical equipment surrounding him. He could hear his mother say "How I wish I had his sickness instead."

This is the story of every asthmatic kid. Dr. Ray Strand in his book “What Your Doctor Doesn’t Know About Nutritional Medicine May Be Killing You” ,describes that what happens with the lungs is that the epithelial lining fluid (intended for lung protection) becomes so overwhelmed with external pollutants that causes an inflammatory - immune response. This lining becomes thick as it attracts white cells that attack the foreign invaders. If the attackers are cleared out quickly then things settle down. But if not, the inflammatory - immune response results to damage on the epithelial cells which causes chronic inflammation. This impairs lung tissue function.

18 years later that same boy decided to address the concern when a friend he met says "You know, there’s a way to reverse that asthma". He was surprised thinking all the while he had to live with the reality of wheezing all his life, but he wanted to take a shot at it. He read more about his friend’s material and asked more about how he could do it. Finally he planned out utilizing a supplementation program of vitamins, minerals, and a spectrum of antioxidants.

The key is to constantly supply the epithelial lining fluid, which protects the lungs, with a good spectrum of antioxidants. Dr. Ray Strand emphasized that the Vitamin C, Vitamin E, and Glutathione is rich within that lining. These antioxidants were key to preventing oxidative stress that causes the cell damage. But glutathione had to be naturally produced - and the body needs Selenium, Vitamin B6, N-acetyl-L-cysteine, and Niacin for this specific natural antioxidant system.
Also, fish oil which is good Omega 3 source tips the ratio of Omega6 to Omega3 which is natural anti-inflammation. Finally, Grape Seed Extract also a potent antioxidant, played a big role as it had anti-inflammatory and anti-allergen properties.

At the age of 23, he started the program. A whole two weeks after starting with the plan gave him more energy during the day. He felt all the more lively and had better sleep. Still he couldn't find any signs of improvement regarding his asthma until after those two weeks. He started to feel a tightness in his chest,coughing, and his nose got all red and itchy. Asthma was kicking in. His phlegm got all sticky and unusually brown. He was so confused he had to ask his friend who reassured him that it was a healing process.

True enough after two days, he has never used his Diskus - Seretide ever again. He threw it away for it went past the expiry date. He has never taken any antihistamine for those nasty early morning sinusitis. He has taken control of his health. He has won over asthma.

That boy, as you would have guessed, is me. And I want to say that my battle took scientific knowledge and execution to achieve the win. I am still vigilant over possible deteriation of my lungs without a healthy lifestyle but the tables have now turned. Before, my story would be about hospitals, antibiotics, antihistamine, nebulizers, and steroids. A story of downhill desperation. But now my story is about empowering my immune system, feeding my body with the right nutrients, equipping it with the right allies to fight against oxidative stress. A story of hope and empowerment.

Cheers to this lady who believed in me. Who took me to the hospital when I couldn’t take it. We have a new and a better way to deal with the disease now. We won mom!

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