How do I have the ideal lifestyle?”
Work from home, no boss, passive income, and the time freedom to do what I really want in life.”
I just think I have so much potential in me and I feel I’m playing small.”

Heck I hear it all the time but I don’t see people giving too much attention on improving themselves first. I fear for a group of unfulfilled people who keep on “wanting” but never “having” or really “doing” the things they want. Or worse, not even “being” the person they intend to be or what their potential should have been allowing them to be.

The reason why I shifted my library from a series of novels to a wide array of personal development books, case studies of successful people, and self-help was because I realized if I wanted to raise the standards of my life then it had better begin with improving me first.

There are no shortcuts here. You can win the lottery and lose it all the next day because they just dressed you up in that kind of money. Lasting success must come from lasting value. Lasting value comes from you. And the value you provide in the market will dictate your success. Get it? Work on yourself first!

Picture yourself grinding it out, continuously improving as you go. Consuming books, attending seminars, and putting in the effort. Learning one thing and applying it. Failing. Then learning again. Applying. Until the rhythm sets in. In fact you might have been doing this but nothing’s happening right?

WRONG! As Jim Rohn would’ve put it “You’re getting better”. When that time comes, what you have won’t matter even if you lose it because you can simply get it back. You’ve become the person worthy of those things and you definitely know how to get them back. Faster this time. Bigger. Better.

I’m looking at my watch now. Some people rave about having an awesome watch (Hey, I’m one of them) but it’s not about that. It’s about WHAT YOU DO with the time you see on that watch. How much value you put out there with the limited time you got on this planet. And more than about what you do with the time, it’s about WHO YOU ARE without that shiny branded timepiece.

Question. Do you really know who you are? This takes time to answer, but with personal development you might just find an answer to it. And I pray you do. I pray you get that BREAKTHROUGH. Because I believe in you and the potential that lies in that marvelous piece of work you see in the mirror.

Get out there and improve baby. Because more than just the idea of “Being”, we also have the concept of “not yet”, the idea of “BECOMING”. Watch out world, NOT YET, but wait till I work it out, keep improving, and finally BECOME. A work in progress yet a lovely progress at work.

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