You misunderstand.

Why do you think you know more about this than a doctor and the woman who went through it? To your question “what are words?” You don’t care if it’s a medical term or not? The difference is a medical term is the factually correct way to refer to something. The “vernacular” is being used to incorrectly differentiate between different kinds of abortions in order for anti-choice people like you to spread propaganda and misinformation. What this poor woman went through is an abortion. An unfortunate, devastating, and medically necessary abortion. HRC fighting to keep, as you call it, “partial birth abortion” legal in order to keep the government out of women’s health decisions is PERFECTLY APPROPRIATE. These decisions should NOT be legislated because, obviously, politicians are not capable of making these decisions. A doctor and their pregnant patient are the ONLY people qualified to make these kinds of decisions. Once you try to legislate abortion on particular situations, you are taking that choice away from the doctor and giving the power to the government. We CAN NOT allow the government to dictate who/when an abortion is “ok.”

To your question of why are we talking about it if its a non-issue? Maybe because politicians like Trump are making medical assertions that ARE NOT TRUE and his followers are buying into it without any medical knowledge. People like YOU are making this non-issue into an issue. These woman who are speaking out about their difficult choices are shedding light on the REAL reason late term abortions happen. They are trying to debunk the political propaganda the conservatives are using to further their religious agenda. People base their opinions about abortion on emotions rather than medical facts. It is a sad state of affairs for women in this country when the ignorant outrage of the morality police get to dictate medical decisions.