Kim Jong-un vs. Kim Kardashian: May The Best Emoji Keyboard Win

Kimunji iOS Keyboard app

There’s a new set of Kimojis taking the internet by storm, but they’re not for a Kardashian. Why do we give these empty personalities so much attention? Let’s take a step back and re-evaluate our “supreme leaders.”

Kimunji is a mirror held up to society, making people evaluate who they give their attention to when more important things are happening in the world. Kimunji started off as a joke, became a social experiment, and now has turned into an app.

The Kimunji Keyboard app is a collaboration between Tiny Hearts Studio (makers of Next Emoji Keyboard), and Ben Gillin.

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A few weeks ago, Ben Gillin, posted a set of emojis depicting Kim Jong-un and broke the internet with good-humored social commentary which sparked a very important conversation.

Timing couldn’t have been more ripe for media outlets to pick-up on the story given North Korea had only recently broken some important sanctions, resulting in outlets like the New York Times, BBC, and Complex writing about the emoji set.

Our goal is to get the Kimunji keyboard into the hands of thousands people and to make a statement that we know will resonate with the masses. Help us spread our propaganda by sharing the app — we command you!

NOTE: This app in no way intends to demean or make light of the dire situation taking place in North Korea today. Instead, through light-hearted humor we hope to raise awareness and get people talking about what’s going on in the world today, both at home and across the sea.


— Robleh, founder at Tiny Hearts & Ben, Illustrator and creator of Kimunji

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  • Kim Jong-un Kimunji Keyboard takes on Kim Kardashian’s Kimoji
  • Kim Jong-un vs. Kim Kardashian: May The Best Emoji Keyboard Win
  • Kim Jong-un Inspired Kimunji Emoji Keyboard destroys Kim K’s Kimojis

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  • Over 24 bomb stickers to choose from
  • Use this 3rd party iOS keyboard across all your favourite messaging apps like Messenger, WhatsApp, WeChat, Messages and more!

Who Made Kimunji?

Tiny Hearts is a digital product studio based in Toronto and makers of app store hits like Wake Alarm (the #1 iOS alarm clock according to Lifehacker), QuickFit (featured in an Apple Ad), Next Keyboard (#2 overall app) and newly released Next Emoji Keyboard. We take our hard-earned experience in the App Store trenches over the past 6 years and help tech unicorns, startups, and consumer brands make breakthrough apps and games. + @tinyheartsapps

Ben Gillin is a designer at in Houston, Texas with 9 years of experience in web design, illustration, graphic design and photography. He enjoys craft beer, beef jerky and making fun of celebrities and dictators on the internet. + @BenGillin

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